Scheduled 3 December 2022, Thang Ng, to create 5 provincial teachers in the advisory scope and control the basic adjustment of the upper floor.

2022 today at Thanong Sekong High School, on April 2nd and the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Inspection of the Year of the Lao People's Democratic Party, in the Peaceful Wreath Laying (News from Laos) in Beijing, there is a plan to display high-class schools, various cities and there are plans 5 for charity. It can be done: District Kasi, Sait. Sekong Province: Thatng District. Sapda Province: Lao Mand District and My District: Pak Chan District. Village funds. your lover Buff Phoe Mao expedited the early planting plan and age, Mr. Suphan Chanthasen, the plan and period in Thanong district, the teacher's love for girls course by teachers from: Party Center, Department of Agriculture, Department of Meteorology and Public Affairs, Administration and Development.

. Infrastructure construction plan, infrastructure construction plan, infrastructure construction plan, infrastructure construction, potatoes and vegetables. Pass through the forbidden net to introduce about 4 villages, listen to the news. The arrangement at the top of the province, district level, indicating the district level, specific, special or the arrangement of each department, plan to introduce in time, there is also a plan and the arrangement of the management board by the management board of the 5-day holiday.